How To Make A Fake ID Hologram

While making an identification document the main question that arises is how to make a fake ID hologram. The Government uses different sophisticated methods, which help to prevent the counterfeiting and prove the authenticity.

But…. There is always “but”. Today you get a possibility to make a fake hologram on your own.

Why Is It So Difficult To Find Out How To Make A Fake ID Hologram?

5 Ways Of Making A Fake Hologram

Place the ID on a scanner and scan it. Using a printer, you can print a holographic picture on a transparency sheet.
Stick the transparency to a stencil maker and place this combination in the sun for 5 minutes. Soak the film in water for ten minutes and shake it gently. Those parts that were covered with the negative will be washed away. Let it dry.
You can use a transparent base, which is produced for paints and combine it with the tone paint. Using a certain brand, follow the ratio suggestions.
Put a hologram on a polyvinyl chloride ID card. When you need to use a laminated paper, apply a hologram on the paper before you begin the process of lamination. Use a screen printing brush and apply a layer of paints to the stencil.
Laminate the card only when the paint is completely dry.

How to Make a Fake ID Hologram With Small Objects

Usually a hologram has different small objects or views. To make such hologram you are to get a special equipment that costs thousands. Making a fake card requires less money, so we’re going to help you to make such holograms on your own.

Find a stable workplace. There mustn’t be any movement or any kind of vibration during this process.
The object that is to be holographed should be on the surface. It must be made of the materials that do not move and warp, as the heat of a laser can damage the things. Use ceramic and metal materials, because cloth and plastic create a poor image.
You should clip the pin to the laser and put t in a cup with sand. That will help to stabilize it.
Put the cup with laser 15 inches far from the holographed object. Turn the laser placing the vertical surface behind. It will create a crisp. When the silhouette is rather blurry, you are to move the laser forth and back until it comes into focus.
Switch off the laser and put the film near the object. Press the sheet between glass.
Illuminate the object with the laser for 20 seconds. Transfer the film to the chemical trays. Apply the wetting agent in order to improve the hologram.
Let the hologram dry.

Another Way Of Making A Hologram

There are various holograms that are available in the Internet for about $ 100, but there are the possibilities to make it on your own.

Start with finding a dark room. Too much light has a bad influence on the image and it is rather poor. You should find the object that you are to holograph. The hologram should be specific and secure. The pin attach stabilizes a laser and prevents it from the exposure. Turning the laser, make sure the image is sharp, because the hologram can be blurry.

After you switch the laser off, sandwich the film sheet between the glass. It is needed for abject illumination. Having done that, cut the hologram of the needed or required size and paint the film back with the metallic paint spray. The spray helps to reflect the light and creates a rather vibrant hologram for the ID. For people, who are looking for the tips on how to make a fake ID hologram, this way is the optimal one.

As how to make a fake ID hologram is a difficult question, it must be pointed out that the process is not simple. You must be very careful, because laser can damage the things around including you. The choice of the working surface is very important, because the slightest movement can cause failure.