How to Make a Good Fake ID

Learning how to make a good fake ID can be a fun activity to fool around with your friends or to make one as a joke present. Here are the steps for making one:

Since almost all identifications have a picture of the user in them, image software like Photoshop is a priceless tool in the process of creating ID. You may use the image software to download a layout of a driving license from the Internet as .psd file, alter the name, date of birth and identifying info and add any photo to it. Virtually all novices will not manage to create a realistic ID, so do not expect to succeed on the first try unless you are a card-carrying graphic artist. Normally it takes hours of touch-ups for a copy/paste job to look seamless.

How to Make a Good Fake ID?

Printing Your Fake ID

Almost all driver’s licenses tend to be printed on PVC plastic. Considering that PVC can be difficult to feed into standard printers without it bending, Teslin – a plastic/paper mixture – is a great substitute. (Alternately, you can spend 1000s of dollars to buy an ID card printer.) If you are choosing the Teslin, a laser printer is going to work better compared to an inkjet, because the ink is unlikely to smear or wash off altogether. Nevertheless, it is still necessary to allow it to dry before going forward onto the next step.

Laminating Your Fake ID

After the ID is printed it needs to be laminated, both to shield the image as well as for additional realism. Teslin can be laminated using butterfly pouches that happen to be sheets of plastic that fit a regular credit card size. It is a good idea to get the moniker butterfly mainly because they have two “wings,” for the front and for the back of your card. All you need to do is slide the PVC between these wings and feed this sandwich to the laminator. The laminator will heat the plastic and meld it all into a single piece. If you do not have a laminator, you’re like many other people. Visit an office supply store or maybe a school. If you don’t plan on making massive quantities of IDs, there is no need to buy one for yourself.

Disclaimer: How to make a good fake id

Creating fake IDs is okay if they are exclusively for your own amusement and appear completely different from legitimate identification. On the other hand, you are opening the door to a potential trouble should you decide to distribute or sell fraudulent identification you’ve made or put it to use to bypass age restrictions set by local, state or federal laws. So, now that you know how to make a good fake ID we really advise you not to do it, unless you want to get in trouble.