Legal Drinking Age in England

Other countries, especially the United States, view legal drinking age in England to be extremely lax and quite underage. This is probably because, in UK, a five year-old can have a taste of liquor if within private premises and with parental consent. Many teens from other countries often argue about this point. What they don’t seem to understand is that those 5-year old children take only a sip and not a whole glass as teens are prone to want.

A rundown of legal drinking age in England, also known as the United Kingdom is: 5 years old – provided that they are with their parents, in private property (mostly at home), and will be allowed to take only a little bit of liquor which should be enough to be tasted and enjoyed but not enough to get drunk on; 16 years old – if in a restaurant, limited only to a glass to complement the meal, and with adult supervision or 16 year olds can also partake of shandy (beer mixed with lemonade or ginger beer) in local pubs; and 18 years old otherwise. For purchasing age, the age is set to 18 however buying liqueur chocolates are allowed for 16 year olds. Some guys buy  uk fake id to get drink.

A cause of concern though is the margin of responsibility with underage drinking. This is where On-premise retail sale and Off-premise retail sale or Off-licenses come in. For both technicalities, 18 is the legal drinking age in England. However in case of accountability, for On-premise, although the customer is responsible for himself, the one serving him is also liable for his well-being. There is actually a law that it is illegal to serve any alcoholic beverage to someone who is already drunk; this was done to prevent alcohol poisoning. For off-licenses though, the responsibility lies with the customer alone as the clerks have no way to monitor the consumption.